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MetalSpine Switchgear connector1

MetalSpine Switchgear Connector

Your cable is more vulnerable where it is visually exposed, for example where the cable enters/exits the trench. To connect the exposed cable to your switchgear or transformer we use a semi rigid heavy duty sleeve that is supplied in 2 halves and is 3mm thick. 

The connector is attached to your cable and bolted to the transformer to secure your cable.

Our solution:

  • Can accommodate various cable sizes
  • Can be installed after cable installation – and even on live cables
  • Is used with the MetalSpine sleeve available here.

Installing the MetalSpine sleeve:

  1. The halves of the sleeve are attached to the cable and loosely tightened
  2. The segments are interlocked and assembled
  3. The segments are adjusted to fit the curve of the cable
  4. The MetalSpine Switchgear Connector is securely fitted to the distribution box or transformer using the supplied bolts and shear nuts. The number of bolts and shear nuts used depend on the thickness of your cable.
  5. The shear nuts are tightened until they break off.