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You know electrical cable theft is a major problem

Your house, your farm or your business may be next – or you may have been a victim already.

Bulli is a patented protection system that permanently anchors electrical cables in trenches, on tunnels and on masts to make cables extremely difficult to steal.

Thieves are hungry for your copper cables

They need an easy, fast score. They quickly rip out a whole length of cable and escape with your valuable copper.

Bulli stops thieves in their tracks so that you can keep the power on.


You can protect your cables cost-effectively with Bulli DIY cable theft prevention solutions
– and you can install it yourself.

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4 Reasons to install Bulli:

1. Bulli is Economical


Protect  your cables and save money by installing Bulli yourself with unskilled labour.

2. Bulli is a snap to install


Bulli is easy to install: insert the cable and secure the device.

3. Bulli is Permanent


Bulli will last for a hundred years,
protecting your electrical cable against theft.

4. Bulli is Effective


Bulli devices are almost impossible to remove – so no more downtime or easy money for copper thieves.

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Low cost.

Easy installation.

Permanent protection.

Effective theft prevention.